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A dynamic female duo combining their differences to create the extraordinary sound that is Kaleidoscopes. The group consists of two musically inclined counterparts. Keira Nova, hailing from Inglewood, CA, was raised by soulful greats, which inspires her to create a profound sound driven by depth, control, and power of her voice. LivFree, an impactful lyricist from Hammond, IN stems her sound based off past experiences to paint a picture of enlightened revelations. Kaleidoscope’s chemistry is built on the empowerment and evolution of one another to succeed in breaking barriers in sound, while connecting listeners of all walks of life.


Shapeshifting in sound, Kaleidoscopes is colorful and enchanting. Combining LivFree's lyrical genius with the ethereal harmonies of Keira Nova, you will get the nostalgic feels when you encounter each song on the self titled EP. The blend of two unique sounds will give you the magical experience that you would get as if you gazed into a kaleidoscope. No two songs on their project sound the same which sets them apart from any other cosmic tone around. Kaleidoscopes takes this mesmerizing piece in hopes to reassure everyone tuned in that the only way out is through.

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